Stressed about 2012?

by Tracey on May 11, 2010

mayan-pyramid1Mayan prophecies alert us to the huge changes we are about to face, and at the same time enhance our spiritual awareness.

Prophecy is so imbedded in Mayan culture and way of life, that it can be thought of as their spiritual DNA.

Prophecies of Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) – in self induced trance include:edgarcayce12

Raising of Atlantis

Destruction of California

Earth changes

Pole shifts

Second Coming of Christ

Prophecy is not prediction. Prophecy is a thread in the total fabric of meaning, in the total world-view. In this way it can be seen as a way of life and of being. Armin Geertz

In Old Testament, the prophet was “called out” by God, to deliver a specific message at a special time to a particular people”

We know that Edgar Cayce correctly predicted

  • The stock market crash
  • Great Depression of 1929
  • Beginning of World War II
  • The shifting of the Earth’s magnetic poles (which scientists confirmed the beginnings of on a 2004 NOVA TV show titled, “Magnetic Storm”),
  • The coming of El Nino and La Nina, stating that changing temperatures of the deep currents in the Pacific Ocean would affect weather patterns.

vesuvius1Now many people are closely watching the volcanoes Vesuvius and Pelee because of Cayce’s warning about their unseen connection with the fault lines along the southern coast of California.

Cayce sees these Earth changes are the “birth pains” to a coming new era when the Earth will enter a long

period of higher consciousness and soul growth, in which brotherly and sisterly care for all people will prevail.

Following the changes, which he sees as cleansings, he sees a golden agesunsdo-fulldisk-6701 for the inhabitants of our blue and white planet.

When asked what the New Age means to humanity, Edgar Cayce replied:

“the full consciousness of the ability to communicate with the Creative Forces and be aware of the relationships to the Creative Forces and the uses of same in material environs.

This awareness during the era or age in the Age of Atlantis and Lemuria or atlantis1Mu brought what? Destruction to man, and his beginning of the needs of the journey up through that of selfishness.” (1602-3)

Previously, we misused this consciousness and the power that came with the close relationship to the Forces.

This misuse brought on the destruction of our great cultures and a long, karmic soul journey through the pain and confusion that resulted from our selfishness and self-centered focus on our will without regard for the will of the Creator and others.

Now, as the cycles come around again, we are nearing a time when the level of consciousness and relationship with the Creative Forces will allow us once again to regain these powers.

Mayan Cusp of Great Cycle

We are living today in the cusp of the Mayan end times, the end of a galactic day or time period spanning thousands of years.  One galactic day of 25,625 years is divided into 5 cycles of 5,125 years.


Following Mayan concepts of cyclic time and World Age transitions, this is

as much about beginnings as endings

signify the creation of a new World Age

We are almost at the end of the fifth and final 5,125 year cycle!

The Solstice on December 21, 2012 ~ precisely at 11:11 AM Universal Time ~ marks the completion of the 5,125 year Great Cycle of the Ancient Maya Long Count Calendar.

Rather than being a linear end-point, this cycle that is closing is naturally followed by the start of a new cycle.

What this new cycle has in store for humanity is a mystery that has yet to unfold…

Exciting times. Trust your Intuition. Breathe Deeply Daily!

No Need to be Stressed about 2012. Simpy Be Prepared.

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