Nourish your soul

It is exciting to turn your life around. So much can happen in just one day. There are opportunities everywhere when we stop still in our heart and our mind long enough to see, hear and feel them. It’s a bit like “Remember to smell the roses along the way”.

If excitement, passion and determination drive you, please remember to be gentle on yourself and give yourself time out. I know I constantly remind myself to BREATHE – SLOW DOWN, take a deep breath. And then again.meditating-in-the-yard

What do you do to nurture and nourish yourself … on a daily basis?
When do you give yourself some time-out?
What does time-out look like for you?

Pure essential oils and massage oils are nurturing and nourishing, inspiring and calming – truly a gift from nature.

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This book will help you take immediate control of your life. Share my book with your friends and those who need a gentle helping hand.

The gems of knowledge, wisdom and experience in this book are priceless.

Tracey Stranger meets His Holiness The Dalai Lama

I gifted a copy of my book to His Holiness, in gratitude for the Foreword HH The Dalai Lama has in my book – December 2009

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