Need Money Motivation?

by Tracey on June 29, 2010

Times are changing quickly. Move or be Moved!

What will tomorrow bring?

  • Sudden change
  • New Opportunities
  • Be open to new ideas

Current structures are breaking down. Current structures need to break down.

edgarcaycebwAccording to Edgar Cayce Prophecies of 2012, it is up to us to determine our future.

It is up to the vision and minds of all human beings.

We are responsible.

So why not think and dream the very best!

Perhaps the current disasters and destruction are a message to help us all remember what truly is important.

  • To reconnect with our values
  • To realise we are all connected
  • To help each other now and not wait for a crisis!

I am passionate about helping people so I have organised an event for massive change.

It’s called the Massive Mind Over Money Event 2010 and will be held at 2 venues:

Gold Coast: 4th & 5th September Gold Coast Convention & Entertainment Centre, Broadbeach

Melbourne: 30th & 31st October Sebel Albert Park, Albert Park

2 Days of Massive Transformation

Wealth Creation & Abundance

Learn from leading authors and millionaires:



Pat Mesiti will show you How to Have a Millionaire Mindset. He will captivate you and move you to tears and laughter.


Warren Henningsen will share his awesome life stories that demonstrate “If I Can You Can” – Insights from an average man, a best-selling book. Warren Will Rock Your World!


Rhondalynn Korolak will whip your business into shape with Financial Foreplay – her latest book. And Borders Bookstore No. 4 best seller.


Susan Dean will show you how million dollar relationships can be learnt even when Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus!


Tracey Stranger shares her journey of becoming a massive money magnet and how you too can attract money into your life, now.

Plus much, much more…

Do you want more magic in your life?

Come along to this 2 Day Massive Mind Over Money Event 2010

Early bird 40% discount Only $297

instead of $497 when you

Buy Your Ticket before 16th July 2010

Click here now…

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