Soul Centred Astrology Readings

Special Introductory Offer Price $49 for a 1/2  hour Private Session (Skype or LL)

“A Date with Destiny – A Snapshot – Your Soul Direction 2011”

What’s my purpose?

Why am I here?

What are the opportunities & challenges for the year ahead?

With a Soul-Centred Astrology Reading, Tracey can open your world to your soul’s potential and provide a road map to guide you and inspire you to greatness. Isn’t it easier when we know the road we are on and the potential hurdles and gifts along the way? Astrology is an art and a science.  With my Science (Microbiology) background, I love exploring our cosmos, continue to grow and learn and share heavenly insights with those you aspire to greatness and peace of mind.

* I simply need your name, date of birth, place of birth and preferably time of birth (not mandatory) *

Your Soul Purpose for The Year Ahead

A Full 2 hour Reading with Tracey.  Highlighting the Challenges and Opportunities for 2011.

Special Heavenly Price of $220

Edgar Cayce Past Life Report

Past Life Report based on Edgar Cayce interpretations

15 Page Report (via email) $30

With additional personal insights from Tracey $60

Stuck in a pattern? What are your talents and skills? Remember…

A Synthesis of past life and planetary interlife interpretations originally given clarivoyantly by Edgar Cayce for individuals with your same planetary patterns at birth, revealing karmic connections, prior life successes, plus remedial affirmations for use in meditation or prayer.

* I Simply need your name, date, location and time of birth (optional).*

“An extensive & illuminating report. A gift of great clarity.”


Contact me via email or Mobile for an enlightening and uplifting Reading:

Dingley Village, Melbourne, Australia


Phone: 0409 879 271

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Maria carnibella July 26, 2015 at 11:59 am

Hi Tracey
Im just wondering if you are still teaching meditation here in Dingley.
I live in Dingley and Im very interested in meditation.
Thank you
Kind regards
Maria carnibella

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